Winterizing Your Home

Be Prepared:

In a cold winter climate like New York, you can’t just leave your home all winter with no heat…the pipes will freeze and possibly burst. If the temperature inside the home gets below 32 degrees it’s likely the water supply lines and the drain traps will freeze. When water freezes it expands 9%, and if there is no room for expansion it’s possible that the pipe will burst. When the ice thaws the pipe will leak, and in a supply system this leak could occur anywhere. Fixing a burst pipe can be expensive, but the damage from uncontrolled water leakage can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. Believe me you do not want to experience the hassle and expense of having a pipe burst anywhere in your home.

Supply Lines:

A & A Sewer and Drain Maintenance has put together a winterizing process that will insure you a peace of mind while you are away. We will shut off your homes water supply line at the curb stop, located outside your home. If there is no curb stop outside we can shut off your valve from the inside and install heat tape from the inside valve to the entry of the building. We will then drain all supply lines by gravity, any supply lines that are not below the lowest gravity drain will be blown out with air. Some appliances also need to be drain as well such as dishwashers, washing machines and ice makers. The hot water heater if equipped will have the power shut off and drained, the boiler will be shut down as well and drained if need be (hot water systems) any with condensation lines will have RV anti-freeze installed.

Drain Lines:

One thing everyone usually overlooks would be traps and drain lines. All sinks, toilets, washing machines all have traps associated with them. All traps will be filled with RV anti-freeze to prevent from freezing. The washing machine and dishwasher will need to have anti-freeze put in them because the pumps hold water in them and they can freeze. This anti-freeze is a biodegradable and safe for all appliances. After all is said and done your home will be winterized and able to be left without the heat on.

Well Water:

If a house has a well instead of municipal water we can take care of shutting the well down and drain the pressure tank.

Please contact us for pricing and any further questions or concerns.